by admin on April 9, 2014

Good news! There’s a new way to communicate directly with WRFI hosts, while they’re on the air. The bad news is, it’s Twitter.
Well, whatever. Tweet using the hashtag “#WRFI” and it will pop up on a dedicated display right next to our console. Let us know you’re listening!


The Thanks

by katrina on April 3, 2014

More thanks are due to our fantastic listeners and supporters, like Nerissa Russell, Stephen Burke, Betty Singer & Robert Armstrong and a sweet anonymous donor who gave in honor of all the off-air WRFI volunteers. Thanks to all who have contributed to WRFI and are keeping our local community radio station afloat. Please visit our Support page to learn how you can join them.


Supporter Recognition

March 9, 2014

WRFI is honored to be thanking our great listeners and supporters, like Andrew Yale & Brenda Kuhn, Daniel Klein, David Henderson, Donald Barber, and Elisa Evett, who gave in memory of WRFI supporter Maggie Goldsmith.  Thanks to all for your contributions and appreciation!  To learn how you can join them, please visit our Support page.

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More Thank You’s!

March 6, 2014

WRFI Community Radio would not be here without the support of our generous listeners, like Brian Keeling, SN Begg, E. Wayles Browne, Andrew Hoffman and Thomas Hirasuna & Jean Hunter, who have our gratitude.  To learn how you can join them, please visit our Support page.  Thank you!

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